About VTSS

VTSS was established 7 years ago utilising the specific skill set of engineers with over 20 years individual experience in the Civilian and Defence Nuclear sectors. VTSS have delivered on both small and larger scale projects in the mechanical, building services and ventilation disciplines in facilities management, construction and decommissioning at Sellafield, Magnox and a major defence contractor.

VTSS can provide expertise during the design, installation and commissioning phases of any project. VTSS constantly strive to provide value for money to clients, consistently delivering to Scope, Schedule and Cost.

We can tailor our activities to suit the specific needs of the client, catering for the full product lifetime and the environment. With a wide ranging group of industry proven, multi-disciplined associates, VTSS can pull on a large resource pool without the need for retaining a large stagnant workforce.

"If we can't do it, we know someone who can!"